Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Love Live Kotori Review [ English / Englisch ]

Hello my Cuties, I want to welcome you on my Blog ♥

In the Future I want to show you Cosplay Reviews.The first will be the Cheerleader Outfit from Kotori out of Love Live School Idol Project, sponsored from CosplaySky.After 2 Weeks of shipping my Costume already arrived. I was very suprised that it got her so fast, because it was sewn on my Size.Happily I unpacked it and instantly fell in love, because it looked so beautiful.
The Bow for the Hair has a Clip on the back wish will be attached to the Wig.

The top is made out of a stretchy Fabric wish is very comfortable to wear,
also the Print on the front and the Lace looks really good.

The Skirt is made out of a strong fabric and the Folds stay really good in position.
There is a Zipper attached on the Skirt which makes it easy to put on and off.
The Gradient on the Skirt also looks very well made.
The Bow gets attached to the Skirt with a Safety Pin!

The Gauntlets and Socks are also made out of an stretchy Fabric and very good to wear.

At the End I want to say thanks to CosplaySky again. I had alot of Fun on that Day with a full LoveLive Group!

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